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The human urge for liberty has not performed too successfully in history so far. It could not, as a value, prevail over attacks from and seductions by the opposing urge for subordination and domination, respectively, looming in many disguises.

Liberty as a term is nothing but an ought-proposition, which can easily be devalued by different competing and conflicting ought-propositions.

Instead, self-ownership is based on intellectual analysis of the irrefutable axiom: Humans can and do ration scarce resources to chosen ends. Self-ownership as a stringent deduction thereof thus has the far bolder status of an is-proposition and might turn out to be socially more efficacious than what has so far been understood as the urge for liberty.

At the same time, self-ownership constitutes a delicate equilibrium in rating inalienable and alienable property, giving rise to a second thought on equality and diversity.

This site starts today (May 2010) with presenting my thoughts on this subject. Where is it going to develop to? If you feel you have a material contribution to share, please feel free to submit it here for publication.

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