Liberty and the State:

Can Tax-Man-Voting Tame the Tiger?

Peter J. Preusse

The strategy outlined here deals with transforming state according to well-established values like democracy and justice into a society with a threefold voting procedure: The man-vote (one man, one vote) applies to all issues that are not property-invasive or property-dependent. The tax-vote (one dollar, one vote) applies to all subjects concerning taxation and expenditure. And third, a meta-decider-institution, provisionally named “constitutional filter” is constituted by few members, every single one elected by double tax- and man-vote-majority to decide for each concern to be decided upon: Does it need man-vote majority, tax-vote majority or double man- and tax-vote majority? This mechanism prevents a structural majority of redistribution-winners, putatively or factually, and turns whatever remainder of public sector into a consensually driven enterprise.

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